The Under-$30 Office Gifts Your Co-Workers Actually Want

Secret Santa exchanges are always stressful. They start off exciting and well-intentioned until you realize you've left it to the very last second and that monogrammed diary you had planned to buy is sold out. In a panic, you go on an internet deep dive to find the perfect present: it needs to be thoughtful, witty, and useful all at once. Sometimes, you don't even know the recipient that well, which makes the task incrementally harder. On top of it, you probably have an irrationally low allotted amount to work with—which makes finding the ideal under $5 gift that much harder.

So what to get when you've been surfing online shops for an hour without success—and you really should be getting back to your end-of-year to-do list? Look no further: we found the best under $30 gifts perfect for your office gift exchange. These  are safe for work and guaranteed crowd-pleasers.