The Under-$30 Office Gifts Your Co-Workers Actually Want

Updated 11/14/17

Secret Santa exchanges are always stressful. They start off exciting and well-intentioned until you realize you've left it to the very last second and that monogrammed diary you had planned to buy is sold out. In a panic, you go on an internet deep dive to find the perfect present: it needs to be thoughtful, witty, and useful all at once. Sometimes, you don't even know the recipient that well, which makes the task incrementally harder. On top of it, you probably have an irrationally low allotted amount to work with—which makes finding the ideal under $5 gift that much harder.

So what to get when you've been surfing online shops for an hour without success—and you really should be getting back to your end-of-year to-do list? Look no further: we found the best under $30 gifts perfect for your office gift exchange. These  are safe for work and guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Pintrill Wine Glass Pin $12

Because we could all use a glass of wine, especially right before the holiday break.

Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil Roller $26

Between the cute packaging and the fresh smell, this oil roller is a crowd-pleaser.

Leif Wild Foraged Smudge Stick $24

For the team member who's constantly sage smudging her space.

Poppin Red Medium Soft Cover Notebook With Gold Initial $11 $9

For the co-worker who likes to monogram everything—they will appreciate the personalized touch.

Wildfang What Would Beyonce Do Plaque $28

Give this to members of the Beyhive. 

S'Well Santorini Bottle $25

Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the work day. Pick a size that fits within your allotted budget.

Wildfang Googling Cats iPhone Case $20

Because we all have a crazy cat lover in our life. 

Sloane Stationery Best Seller $29

The perfect gift for the co-worker with exceptional prose.

Wildfang Hard Stuff Sticker Set $5

Because we all need to be rewarded for the hard stuff life throws at us.

AdamJK Try Not to Lose It Pen $7

For the co-worker with forgetful tendencies.

Wildfang Feminist To-Do List Notepad $10

For the #girlboss on a mission. 

Poketo Mini Lightbox $30

Send someone a message with this cinema-inspired lightbox.

AdamJK Frequent Meltdown Card $3

For your work bestie who loves to be a tad dramatic. Give them a free pass to have a total meltdown. 

Mast Herb Chocolate Collection $28

Who doesn't love a healthy stash of chocolate at their desk?

Wildfang You Got This Mug $12

Show someone who's had a challenging year that you care.

Poketo Gold Compact Mirror $28

For the work wife who likes to freshen up before a meeting or event.

Ban.Do Compliment Greeting Card Set $12

Because snail mail is wildly underrated. 

Ban.Do Chill Pills Silicone Keychain $18

Give this to the coworker with a challenging job. 

AdamJK Unsolicited Advice 2017 $14

The perfect gift for the office know-it-all—filed with a year's worth of reminders and advice your didn't ask for.

Urban OUtfitters Psychedelic Icon Print Cardholder $10

Because we could all use a cuter cardholder for our business meetings.

Home Depot Assorted Cactus $20

For the co-worker who keeps a small greenhouse at her desk.

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