And the Award Goes to… These Oscars Party Food Recipes

Updated 02/24/17

Applause-worthy appetizers are the key to a  viewing party. But what exactly makes ? When it comes to social gatherings that require everyone to huddle around a television, it's best to opt for filling, tasty, and mess-free foods. With this in mind, we discovered six recipes that will  and post-party cleanup efforts to a minimum. And as simple as these recipes are, they're still packed with flavorful,  to satisfy everyone's appetites.

From wholesome chickpea dips to zesty shrimp crostinis and indulgent cheese spreads, these recipes will keep the partiers happy if  or coming as a guest. Just don't say we didn't warn you if these snacks end up stealing the thunder from the actual show. Scroll through to see the full details on the seven yummiest, easiest foods to make for an award show party. 

Chickpea Shawarma Dip

Oscar Watching Party Food
Minimalist Baker

Spreads are super easy to make, and they're even easier to enjoy as a shared snack in the family room. In fact, this chickpea shawarma dip from  will take you less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Bring on the chickpeas, please. 

Cheese Fondue Platter

Oscars Party Food
Half Baked Harvest

Who doesn't love a beautiful cheese spread? We believe that the right cheese platter will keep even the fussiest of guests happy. To impress them even more, include the cheese fondue recipe from  in your spread. It'll elevate the classic cheese spread to something more unique and fancy, and it's warmth makes it ideal on a cold and cozy evening. 

Mini Spinach Pie

Oscars Party Food
From the Kitchen

Drop your iPhone so you can make room for a tastier, less frustrating handheld. These personal spinach pies, complete with rosemary and a yummy dipping sauce, are brought to you by From the Kitchen. They're a great vegetarian-friendly option that will also keep carnivores coming back for seconds.

Marinated Tomato and Burrata Toast

Oscar Watching Party Food Recipes
Half Baked Harvest

Brought to you by , this dish is the winning appetizer lineup. Garnished with basil, drizzled in balsamic vinegar, and topped with fresh figs, a bowl of tomatoes has never brought us so much joy before (and that's coming from someone who avoids tomatoes like the plague). Even better, the marinated tomatoes are paired with gooey burrata and crispy toast. Dream team. 

Pesto Shrimp Bruschetta

Oscar Watching Party Food Recipes
Foodie Crush

And for another variation of a heavenly crostini, we have this pesto shrimp recipe from . They're filling, delicious, and layered with so many interesting flavors. 

Spring Rolls and Dipping Sauce

Oscars Party Food
Minimalist Baker

This appetizer from  is the perfect option for healthy eaters or people with nut allergies. With a nut-free tangy sunflower seed dipping sauce and refreshing ingredients, it's a crisp and guilt-fee snack. Once you try these, you'll start craving collard greens on the regular. 

Spinach and Leek Flatbread

Oscar Watching Party Food Recipes
Mitzy at Home

This tasty flatbread from  is another fan-favorite because all you have to do is a grab a slice and enjoy. Get your greens with the spinach and leeks, and satisfy your carb cravings with the cheesy crust.

Which appetizer will win best dish of the year? Cast your votes in the comments below.

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