The #1 Product Freddie Harrel Swears by for Her Hair

Updated 01/27/18
Freddie Harrel Afro Hair Routine

A couple of weeks back, we talked all things business with influencer . The mother of one owns natural hair extension brand and recently opened a pop-up in Brixton. Since hair is at the heart of her business we obviously wanted to find out how she looks after her incredible afro. And since she has a baby, you can guarantee her routine is low-key but works, great for anyone time-poor (that’s all of us then). Not only has she shared everything you need to know, she has also revealed the number one problem-solving product that she always has in her house.

Keep scrolling for Harrel’s afro hair guide.

“Okay, so I’m going to be honest—I’ve been pretty bad with my hair lately, with everything being so hectic, so I got out of my routine. But usually I’ll wash my hair every other week. I make a day of it! Not that it takes all day, but I do other stuff in between each of steps. I start by dampening down my hair and applying coconut oil (or sometimes ) on it. I leave it for 30 minutes while I do something else.  solves SO many problems, never run out of it,” warns Harrel.

Biona Raw Virgin Coconut Oil $15 $14

“Next, I rinse it a little bit, but not too much so there’s still some oil left in the hair, and then I shampoo. At the moment, I really love the Charlotte Mensah range. I apply conditioner, which I usually leave on for around 20 minutes. I rinse it and finish off with a mask that I leave for 30 minutes plus. I love the by Mizani; the brand also does an amazing night conditioner called .”

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Shampoo $22

“Before I rinse the mask out, I detangle my hair with a brush and rinse it. Then I apply a little bit of coconut oil while it’s still damp and let it air-dry a little bit. I’m obsessed with oils, and  does an amazing oil. Following that, I apply Charlotte Mensah’s , and I twist it all and roll it in bantu knots, or I put it in cornrows.”

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