A Flipping Out Designer Makes His Restaurant Debut

qAlthough Ryan Brown's time on Bravo TV's "Flipping Out" may have been dramatic, and at times scandalous, his latest design is anything but. The designer has taken his first foray into commercial projects with , an omakase dining experience in downtown Los Angeles. q3 The ancient Japanese cuisine is served in multiple courses and is comprised of whatever Chef Hiro finds the most fresh at the fish market that morning, which includes everything from uni (sea urchin) to toro (fatty tuna) to Iidako (baby octopus). Brown's design represents the cuisine well, mixing old with new, eastern with western. q2 The wood paneled ceiling features two channels at the entrance to the restaurant, which merge into one over the sushi bar, representing the duality of modern culture and ancient traditions coexisting. Hanging from the channels, orb lights dangle in clusters like illuminated salmon roe. q4 Although it seems nearly impossible to rival the creativity of Chef Hiro, we have to hand it to Brown for putting up a fair fight. We toast our sake to many more commercial designs to come. q5 q7 For more information visit .