When There's Not Enough for Another Glass, Here Are 17 Recipes for Leftover Wine


We know the situation well. You opened a bunch of wine for a party or your monthly book club, and at the end of the night, there were still droplets leftover. Instincts may tell us just to drink it, but there are other creative options for polishing off those bottles.

If the wine you have remaining is too little to measure, you may consider freezing it in trays; then you can keep your next glass chilled without worrying about watering down the beverage. There are easy ways to make homemade too, but there’s no instant gratification in that process. You literally have to wait for months before it’s fermented properly, and the steps in between can be tedious. You can of course also make other , but this would require more wine—which is presumably not available in what we’ve conceived as our personal nightmare.

No need to panic, though. We have found some of the best recipes for leftover wine to relieve you of this burden. To use a food-related cliché, we have truly turned lemons into lemonade. Browse our roundup below, which includes opportunities to use red or white wine, depending on your surplus.