Ring the Alarm: Best iPhone Clock Docks

We don't know anyone who doesn't consider the buzz of a morning alarm the bane of his existence. Waking up to that high pitched call is like discovering your roomate forgot to DVR Scandal: brutal. Enter your Monday morning hero: iPhone docks that allow you to charge your phone and wake up to the sweet sound of itunes. From a crafty piece of driftwood to a horn that will trumpet music across a room, we've got a range of sleek, quirky, and totally game-changing iPhone docks that will help you get your morning routine in sync. dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-header-09
Alarm Dock, $38, Pride & Prejudice Leather Booksi, $52, HiRise, $35,
iPhone 5 Dock, $30, Concrete iPhone Dock, $34, The Horn-A-Phone, $125,
Reality Hand Dock iPhone, $65, Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock, From $72, Saidoka iPhone Charging Dock, $30, 


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