Tour a California Family Home That's Steps From the Sand

Updated 08/25/17
Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

We love the look of a layered, eclectic home where the furniture and décor feel collected and curated over time. But what about when the reverse happens—when that first set of post-college furniture has overstayed its welcome and the décor in your home has slowly but surely become outdated (or worn-down) with time? For a young family of five living in L.A.’s Manhattan Beach, the solution was clear: Enlist the help of designer to transform a house filled with hand-me-downs into a pulled-together, home.

With three children under the age of 5, the family had understandably held out on upgrades for quite some time for fear that having several young children would make new furniture and décor too difficult to maintain—a common myth that Beltran happily debunked from the outset. “You really can have a decorated house that looks great and works for a young family,” she explains. “This family was ready to cast off their college hand-me-downs and kid-worn furniture and start fresh.”

Beltran’s vision for the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home included enhancing authentic architectural details with global inspiration while also focusing on durable pieces that would suit the practical needs of an active family, including storage to stash any clutter for a party of five that’s often going to and from the beach (they live just steps from the sand, after all).

Ready to see the result of this family home refresh? Scroll to celebrate endless summer vibes with a tour of this warm, eclectic family home on the beach.

The Layered Living Room

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

Beltran infused the living room with lots of warm energy, enhancing the abundant natural light with layered colors, patterns, and textures, including , mudcloth, and indigo-dyed fabrics. For this home, mixing patterns serves a dual purpose. First and foremost, these layers build visual interest, creating a worldly appeal. “This family spent years living all over the world when the husband was a pro soccer player,” Beltran shares. “So they appreciate a global vibe, and it’s certainly my preference in design as well.” Second, going eclectic with the design makes the rooms more inviting by keeping family areas from feeling too precious for wear and tear (where, for example, a clean white canvas would be an impractical choice).

“I love the whole look and feel of the living room with the big colorful kilim rug and picture window with sea views,” she remarks of her favorite room in the home.

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

Curious about how to combine colors and patterns in a way so that everything still goes together? Beltran, who describes her design style as “layered and eclectic, nothing too matched or predictable, with definite global undertones,” has a few practical tricks up her sleeve when it comes to the art of layering. “When mixing fabrics, you want colors that complement each other,” Beltran advises. “Blue and orange, which we use a lot of in this living room, are opposites on the color wheel, so they’re complementary.”

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran
Justina Blakeney for Loloi Isara Sunset Rug $269
Clad Home Catalina Sectional $2672
Fragments Identity Mali Vintage Indigo Ottoman $1595

The Eclectic Entryway

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

The family’s enjoyment of their home’s coastal location was top of mind for laying out the entry space in a way that simplified the process of going to and from the beach. “We designed a custom entry unit to attractively store all the flip-flops and beach gear of a family living steps from the sand,” Beltran remarks of the entryway vibe. The space is stylish, comfortable, and practical, with clutter put away in chic storage solutions that include a bench accessorized with textural throw pillows and woven baskets that connect with the home’s collected, global vibe.

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

Beltran was inspired by the Spanish style of the home as she designed the living room and entryway space to highlight arched windows and to draw attention to key details around the fireplace. “Their Spanish home has many Moorish touches, as did so many Spanish homes from the 1930s,” she states. “It was natural to embrace that influence in our décor as well.”

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran
St. Frank Mud Cloth Printed Pillow in Black $250
Striped La Jolla Baskets
Serena & Lily Striped La Jolla Baskets $40
One Kings Lane Moroccan Leather Pouf, Natural Brown $195

The Family-Friendly Dining Room

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

In a family-friendly home, it’s important to strike a balance between style and function overall, but it makes sense that where the family eats can sustain its fair share of spills. “This was really important to our homeowners since they didn’t want to have to worry about the kids destroying anything too precious,” Beltran notes. After all, no one wants to live in fear of constantly messing up their own furniture, regardless of age. Instead, Beltran focused her selections in the dining room on durable pieces that would develop character as they were exposed to the elements of family living.

“The dining table has a zinc top that will just look better the more worn in and aged it gets,” she shares.

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran
Riviera Side Chair
Serena & Lily Riviera Side Chair $228
SDS Designs Zinc Farm Trestle Table $2400 $1629
luna capiz pendant
CB2 Luna Capiz Pendant $329

The Textural Master Bedroom

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran

The master bedroom is another impressive mix of textures, colors, and patterns in Beltran’s signature global style. In this case, textiles create a more inviting, cozy vibe along with carved woods and baskets. In the end, when layering spaces like this one, Beltran’s approach is to focus on mixing over matching to create a sense of personality. “We can’t stand anything that’s too perfectly matched,” she confesses. “The main trick is to fill your home with the things you love, then it will always work together and feel right to you.”

Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish ; DESIGN: Rosa Beltran
Atelier Boemia Assia Throw $180
Tribal Carved Wood Accent Table: Brown by World Market
Cost Plus World Market Tribal Carved Wood Accent Table: Brown by World Market $150 $90
Pillowme Bolster Kilim Pillow $295

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