The 8 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for Flawless Foundation Nearly Every Time

Updated 04/18/19
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The Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors
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When it comes to applying makeup, natural lighting is the best way to go. Unfortunately, not all of our homes are blessed with large windows, let alone loads of light. To help out with your makeup-lighting woes, we found the best lighted mirrors for flawless makeup application every time.

As I’m sure you know, lighting is of the utmost importance when applying makeup. You might have all the right beauty products, but if your environment is too dark, you’ll likely have a foundation ring around your jawline, go too heavy on the bronzer, or miss a blending opportunity or two. To make sure your makeup is nearly flawless every single day, we’ve rounded up the best lighted makeup mirrors for your cosmetic convenience. Keep reading for the market's top-rated makeup mirrors with lights, as well as a few of our personal favorites.

Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror/Natural Bright Light Makeup Mirror $20

This  LED makeup mirror is designed to closely resemble natural light, emitting a soft yet bright glow similar to that of sunlight. While this portable mirror also features magnification up to 10 times,  seem to love this mirror for its nice glow.

Zadro 1x/10x Dimmable Touch LED Lighted Makeup Mirror With Magnification $109

If a mirror is going to be sitting on your vanity, you likely want it to be both pretty and effective, right? Not only is Zadro's mirror easy on the eyes, but it also features dimmable LED lighting and both one- and 10-times magnification, making it easy to both apply makeup and tweeze your brows. (I should know. This is a personal favorite of mine.)

Sanheshun 7X Magnifying Lighted Vacation Makeup Mirror $15

While this makeup mirror might be the tiniest of the bunch, it is quite powerful. This six-inch, battery-operated mirror illuminates with natural white LED light, perfect for tweezing eyebrows and the like.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide-View, 1x Magnification $400

The next best thing to natural light is this rechargeable Trulux LED light system mirror that simulates natural lighting for correct color-swatching and makeup application day after day. While it does cost a pretty penny, Amazon customers claim it's worth it.

Simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Mirror with Brightness Control $200

Not ready to splurge $400 on a makeup mirror? This round mirror by Simplehuman uses the same LED Trulux light system as the Simplehuman Pro Wide-View mirror—which means that this six-and-a-half-inch version simulates natural light just as well. However, it doesn't feature side panels for allover angle coverage.

Zadro 1x/10x LED Lighted Vacation Mirror $40

If you're constantly on the go, this mini makeup mirror will come in handy. Not only does it feature LED lights and 10-times magnification, but it also collapses, which makes it easy to fit in a travel bag.

Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror; 1x/7x Magnification; Polished Chrome
Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror $30

This budget mirror offers candlelight-esque lighting, so it's perfect for getting ready for a dinner date.

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror With Bluetooth $159

This tricked-out mirror lets you stream music or talk on the phone while you get ready thanks to its Bluetooth technology and USB power bank charger. Not to mention the insanely bright LED lighting that exquisitely mimics real daylight.

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