Second Life Podcast: J.Lo and Her Producing Partner Talk Career Changes

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Second Life

Everybody knows that before  was the multihyphenate superstar she is today, she was Jenny from the block. But most people don't know how she made the leap from a dancer to an actor to a singer to an icon. "I always knew from a very young age that I loved performing," Lopez tells Hillary Kerr on episode 41 of Second Life. Her philosophy for mastering the pivot? "If you feel like you need to move, move."

In addition to her own talent and drive, J.Lo rose to stardom with the help of longtime agent and friend Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, who got her start working at William Morris Agency back in the 1980s when the industry was decidedly even more of a boys club than it is today. "I told them I want to be a secretary because it was the only way I could get in," Goldsmith-Thomas remembers.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Lopez is a household name, known not just for her dancing, singing, and acting, but also for her , , writing, and producing skills. Goldsmith-Thomas also managed to pivot from top agent to the stars (she's worked with everyone from Lopez and Julia Roberts to Madonna and Patrick Dempsey) to a full-time movie producer.

Working together once again on their latest project, a film aptly called Second Act, the duo looks back on the pivots that defined their own successes. "People think that women should have one dream … the truth is the only thing stopping you is you," Goldsmith-Thomas says.

As for Lopez, career swaps were simply the result of trying new things. "It's more exciting living outside my comfort zone," she admits. "That's what gives me a buzz. That's what makes life worth living."

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