Shop The Room: Brass Bath

Today's get-the-look focuses on a typically behind-the-scenes room that is more than worthy of a close-up. This stately lavatory, featured in the February issue of online lifestyle magazine , leverages a high-contrast color scheme with unexpected fixture finishes for a classic, glamour-tinged aesthetic. If, like us, you're looking to stage your next bubble bath or close shave in a setting as aspirational as this one, follow our three tips for translation. EMBRACE OPPOSITES: In this case, contrast is your best friend. Black is used to highlight effect--on moldings and shelves as a frame for a perfect window of ivory--and harmonizes with classical touches of cool gray marble. The finish here is glossy, and rightfully so: both for durability (when things get steamy) and for a slightly showy polished sheen. SHINE ON: Just as jewelry is the finishing touch to an exquisite outfit, so too are faucet and tub fixtures to a refined bathroom. Here, unlacquered brass fixtures warm up the room and brings a richness to the scene, while exposed plumbing works as a flashy take on industrial. EXPOSE YOURSELF: If you stock your medicine cabinet with beautiful bottles and toiletries, why hide them? Exposed glass shelves work as a showcase for a well curated collection--and the addition of a rough quartz crystal never hurt anyone. Keep a consistent color theme with products on display to pack a maximum visual punch (you can stash your Listerine under the sink). For more beautiful home tours and daily design obsessions, bookmark magazine.   shop-look
"Black" #PM-9, From $37 Godinger Dublin Crystal Decanter $20,  Sea Sponges, $19
Perfume Bottles, From $33 Oasis Bath Towel, $35 Easton Faucet From $1687,
Vintage Mirrored Vanity Tray, $59 Medium Crystal Point, $250 Merchant Single Wall Light, $315
Petite Renaissance Sink, Price Upon Request,  Acqua Di Parma Talcum Powder $91, Easton Hand Shower, Price Upon Request, 
 Photograph: for . Designer: Bailey McCarthy

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