Shop the Room: Classically Trained Bedroom

There something very going on here: after all, it's not everyday you run into a toga-clad marble statue in the bedroom. But we have to say that in spite of the unexpected guest, we're feeling right at home in this neutrals-led scheme, which balances historical romance with an against-all-odds airiness. Here's how to steal the soul of the place: KEEP IT LIGHT: It's packed to the rafters with objects and furniture, but the room's serene neutral colour palette keeps things from feeling overly cramped--no easy feat considering the added difficulty factor created by the pitched ceiling. BUILD IT UP: The in-depth layering creates a nuanced richness: stacks of books top an Asian antique wooden chair and are crowned with an egg-like objet d'art, while a textured bed sits on top of a cowhide rug, which sits on top of a wood floor, which is also home to a safari-style bench. (What do we win?) WORK A THEME: This classical antiquities collection is focused, and avoids transforming the room into a museum by virtue of the varied artistic mediums represented--a statue here, a console there, an urn (or ok, two) for good measure. REACH FOR THE STARS: Large and in-charge in a vertical sense, this statement wrought iron bed actually blends in, thanks to its overall tones of tan, brown, white, and ivory, and the bed's wrought iron frame, which offers a visual echo of the ceiling dark frame detail. Left bare of the usual wispy gauzy-like sheers, the canopy reads as both architectural and spacious shop-look
Italian Campaign Canopy Bed $1698,  Textured Cotton Tab Curtains From $25,  Leone Console, Price Available Upon Request
Handwoven Rush Bench $2600,  Traditional Urn Vases For a Pair, $385 Ming Chair, $796
Hebe Statue, From $450 Antique Wood Ladder $155,   White Cowhide Rug $870, 
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