Turns Out There Are Multiple Ways to Lay Out Your Small Bedroom


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When you first walked into your , it's possible that something along the lines of There's no way I'll be able to fit anything in there! popped into your head. Decorating a small bedroom—especially when queen beds and tons of storage needs are concerned—is not an easy task. But not everyone is lucky enough to be graced with sprawling sleeping quarters. In fact, as far as big cities go, bedrooms only seem to be getting smaller.

So how do you work around your small space and make your layout work for you? We tested three very different layouts in a smallish bedroom to show you that it's possible to in multiple different ways, even when your space is tiny. Whether you're dead set on having a king-size bed or simply want a little desk space, we've got the layout for you. Roll up your sleeves because we have a feeling you'll be lifting heavy furniture in no time.

And now,  for every size.