The Best One-Stop Destinations to Book This Summer

Vacation often falls into the category of activities we’d like to do but don’t have time for. A career and relationships can make it hard to plan beyond our current crazy day-to-day schedule, so it’s easy to put vacations on hold until you’ve got time—which, let’s face it, is an ever-shifting goal.

If the thought of taking a full week of PTO gives you anxiety about mounting emails and deadlines, start with one day. According to Clara Sedlak, executive editor at travel planning and booking website , that’s all you need to explore a number of key travel destinations like Cartagena and Vancouver. Thanks to direct flights from a number of major U.S. cities, you won’t waste time with connecting flights, so you can spend your valuable time exploring each destination.

Trust us—you only need to log one day of leave to vacation in these five hot spots. Long weekend, here we come.

Where are you heading on your summer vacation?

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