The Most Beautiful Swedish Baby Names (You'll Want to Steal These)

It's no secret that  is having a moment. From the sheepskin hide on your bedroom floor to that dark rye bread you had for lunch to minimalistic clothing in your : Everything that's popular in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway seems to reach our shores. What you may not have noticed is that Swedish baby names are roaringly popular at the moment too. 

From Agnes to Axel to Elsa, names that are topping the charts in Sweden tend to be traditional yet slightly quirkytrends that have been on the upswing themselves in recent years. Many of them are traditionally Swedish; others are Anglo-Saxon monikers that Swedes have embraced. If the region's ability to predict , fashion, and food trends are any indication, these names will be huge in 2017. organized a list of the top Swedish baby names. Take a look at the top baby names that Swedish moms adore below.

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