21 Handsome Art Pieces for a Bachelor Pad

Updated 10/23/17

Step away from the Yankee Stadium and Scarface posters, gentlemen. Yes, you’re living the single life, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused of all stylish pursuits. Instead, look at your bachelor pad as the perfect space to flaunt your sophistication. (Trust us, the ladies will be impressed if you do.) To whip that man cave into shape, we’ve rounded up 21 pieces of art that will please every type of guy, from the slick minimalist to the rustic outdoorsman. Read on.

"Yoff, Senegal" by Ashok Sinha $285


"R.M. Phoenix Print 5" by R.M. Phoenix $35


"Surfing Brothers" by Slim Aarons $2495


"Beastie Boys at Fascination Station" by Swissted $50


"Folded Hands" by Borge Brendenbekk $67


"Beach Goers" by Bryan Solarski $175


"Sceaux Gardens" by Matthew Trygve Tung $80


"Misty Forest" by Michael Wou $265


"Odyssey" by Charles Bergquist $130

($130 and up)

"Los Angeles" $50


"Sunday Morning" by Isaac Zoller $80

($80 and up)

"Barsuk 15- The Long Winters" $30


"Antlers Photo Print" by Debbie Carlos $90


"Nature 1:1 Hailstone" by Form Us With Love $67


"Skier in Vermont" by Slim Aarons $1495


"This Aint My First Time At The Rodeo" by Baron Von $100


"Little Cliffs (No.1)" by Hamish Roberston $90

($90 and up)

"Red Chairs" by Jack Androvich $150

($150 and up)

"Crescent" by Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design $19


"Pfeiffer Beach" by Clara Balzary $80


"Fort Point, San Francisco, California" by Isaac Zoller $90

($90 and up)

Which of these pieces is most your style? Sound off in the comments!

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