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Updated 06/12/19

It's totally necessary for hot latte and hot coffee drinkers to switch up their beverage of choice in the summer because it's just not refreshing to drink something warm in 80-degree heat. is a great option for a morning pick-me-up, but who wants to lose out on valuable cup space (i.e., caffeine intake) to make room for ice? differs from in that it's made with cold water, and the coffee grounds are never heated (to make the iced version, you simply brew your coffee as normal and then chill it).

If you use the right water-to-coffee ratio, you’ll get the jolt of caffeine you need to keep you going all day long. (Plus, cold brew coffee on your stomach since it’s never heated, which is what ups the acidity factor.) According to Food52, is 3/4 cup coarsely ground coffee to every four cups of cold water. Since this beverage is actually pretty pricey, it’s worth learning how to make cold-brew coffee at home.

Below, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite cold brew coffee recipes (including a helpful step-by-step video from Food52). Scroll through, and then get brewing.


cold brew coffee ratio
Food52/James Ransom

relies on the cold brew coffee ratio of 3/4 cup ground coffee to four cups cold water. The trick is to make sure you don’t grind the coffee too much; otherwise, the beverage will be cloudy. Add the coffee grounds to the bottom of a French press and slowly add water, stirring gently. Put the top on the press, but don’t plunge it. Let it sit at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Once your waiting is over, press down the plunger and pour.

Quick Tip

You can keep the java refrigerated for up to two weeks.


cold brew coffee ratio
The First Mess

calls for you to put coffee grounds in a large pitcher, add water, and stir. Cover the pitcher with a cheesecloth and keep it in place with a rubber band. Let it sit for up to 15 hours at room temperature (or just overnight). Then, use a fine sieve to strain the mixture into another pitcher. Next, put a coffee filter into the sieve, and strain the liquid one more time into the original pitcher (once it’s rinsed). Add ice cubes, milk, or even some water, and you’re good to go.


cold-brew coffee ratio
Minimalist Baker

 is vegan, gluten-free, and totally simple to make. The recipe calls for dark-roast coffee grounds, which you put in a large mixing bowl, add water, cover with plastic wrap, and then refrigerate overnight. In the morning, you simply strain the liquid with a coffee filter. To fancy up the drink, add date caramel and almond milk ice cubes for a tasty DIY take on a Frappuccino.

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