It's Time to Break Up With Your Bad Kitchen Habits—Adopt These Instead

Updated 03/03/17
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It's easy to vow to eat more kale, ingest more turmeric, and ban all chemicals from our kitchens. But it's much harder to actually put these goals into motion. Be honest—how many of those New Year's resolutions did you actually keep? If you find yourself reaching for the cookie jar a little too often or wolfing down two servings of spaghetti at night, we feel your pain. But that doesn't mean you should let your easy distractions get in the way of your good resolutions.

The secret: Subtle visual cues in your kitchen can actually trick you into making healthier choices. In fact, how your kitchen is set up and what essentials you use daily can have an impact on the health choices you make every day. After all, you can't reach for the chocolate if it's not there, right? Ahead, we outline eight simple and clever tricks to help you make healthier choices. You won't even realize you're doing it.

If You Lose Track of Portion Size

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Eating on a smaller plate in a color similar to your food can help you eat less, according to researchers at . Try eating meals on salad plates or color coordinating your dishware to your food.

If You Struggle to Eat Fresh

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It's much easier to eat fresh foods when they're at your disposal. To give yourself a healthy reminder, grow a set of fresh herbs, and keep them in plain sight of your kitchen.

If You Forget to Drink Water

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Buying bottled water is annoying (not to mention wasteful) and tap water can be a little icky. Get into the habit of filling a purifying water pitcher, and you'll always have fresh water at your disposal.

If You Constantly Reach for the Cookies

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Researchers at the  have discovered that mirrors in the kitchen can lead people to make healthier food choices. Something to consider if you have a sweet tooth…

If Your Morning Go-To Is a Muffin

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Being in a hurry in the morning is no reason to resort to croissants and donuts. Keep a cute blender on your countertop and get into the habit of blending yourself a smoothie to go.

If You Eat on the Go

Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap $10

Don't let harmful chemicals in your tupperware containers taint your healthy habits. This reusable sandwich wrap is made of beeswax and organic cotton, and it's cute too!

If You're on First-Name Basis With the Delivery Guy

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One of the easiest ways to get into cooking regularly is to stock up on cookware that actually excites you about spending time in the kitchen. This also extends to quality chef's knives.

If You Want to Be Healthy Beyond Your Food

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Adopting healthy habits in the kitchen doesn't just stop at what you eat. Ban harsh chemicals from your cleaning supplies too—healthy mind, healthy life.

Have any tips to add to the list? Share your knowledge in the comments. 

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