Pinterest's Most Popular Home Design Trends of 2016

Updated 10/23/17

Regardless of whether you follow them or not,  have a huge influence on our daily choices from fashion to food, architecture, and interiors. But what triggers the next big thing and where does it start? One of the main places is Pinterest. Thanks to the millions of visual-obsessed pinners (us included) around the globe, the image sharing site has the power to  everything we do, how we live, and where we go; and it does. Have you noticed a trend in minimal,  lately?

That's no coincidence. Pinterest gave us the inside scoop and you've all been pinning them like crazy lately. Keen to discover what else is hot (and what's not)? Ahead you'll find the  on Pinterest in 2016, along with a few you should ditch. Hint: RIP .

pinterest home decor trends

We're major fans of  at MyDomaine HQ. But it seems you're loving the less-is-more approach to interiors too. According to Pinterest, you're officially ready to ditch the clutter and embrace the pared-back aesthetic, with a little help from our organization guru, . In fact, Pinterest says we're all adopting the Konmari method to clear out our space, reduce the chaos, and rein in a new minimal order. So take advantage of the warm season to organize and beautify your domain and elevate your environments with  and .

Nicoline Olsen for Bo Bedre
Hay Hee Chair $155

It's not just the sleek, stripped-back interiors that are dominating your Pinterest feed,  is officially on the radar. Let's be honest, who doesn't have a bohemian board? According to our Pinterest insider, boho chic is taking over with macramé textiles, an abundance of greenery, sentimental keepsakes, and Moroccan influences for that eclectic aesthetic that's a little worldly. But while the gypset look is totally in, the bright and bold is definitely out. So you might want to rethink that yellow bedroom.

Or not; beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Derek Swalwell for Homes to Love , styling by Simone Haag
Pendleton Ribbon Dance Blanket $299

We've always favored . The classic beauty of black and white has become the foundation for so many amazing interiors, and it's not hard to see why. It can be used in a variety of architecture across varying eras, and it never dates. Turns out you're big fans of this contemporary and modern look too. Pinterest tells us you're loving  décor accents and a . But there's one two-toned trend you're not into anymore: chevron. Just no. 

Angela Bonetti for Australian House & Garden , via Homes to Love
Restoration Hardware 19th c. French Empire Crystal Chandelier 18" $1750

With the average  clocking up, on average,  it's little wonder our attention spans are drifting to the quiet country life. Leisurely strolls to the garden where we can pick our own vegetables for dinner sounds like a walk in the park compared to the screen time we consume daily. Pinterest says we all want our kitchens to mimic the provincial style of our farm-to-table sisters too. Modern, rustic kitchens are trending across Pinterest right now; we just can't seem to get enough of that .

But what you're not loving is Mediterranean-inspired and Italian kitchens. Perhaps it's a little too heavy on the details.

Paul Dyer for SFC&G
Baxton Studio Wishbone Chair $144

Since you're already loving the boho-chic vibe, it's little wonder pallet swing beds are out and crocheted hammocks are in. We've already professed our love for , so it was only a matter of time before the hammock came inside too. This dreamy crochet style is the perfect accent to dial up the fun factor in any interior. We particularly love the element of surprise when guests come over and realize they can live out their vacation dreams in your living room. Now that's the kind of home we want to live in.

Daniella White
Cape Cod Canvas Crochet Hammock $40

Do you agree with these Pinterest trends? Which home décor style will you introduce to your home?

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