These 7 Pioneer Woman Recipes Are Too Easy Not to Make This Week

Updated 02/14/18
Minimalist Baker

Ree Drummond, otherwise known as , has a knack for creating simple, mouthwatering recipes that resonate with scores of people. She's an award-winning blogger, New York Times , TV personality, , and her recipes never disappoint. If you're looking for an easy meal to whip up after a busy day, she has you covered. Serve up a plate of creamy, decadent pasta or throw together a flavorful curry shrimp dish. Take a look through seven of The Pioneer Woman's easiest recipes, according to Popsugar.

1. . Enjoy penne pasta coated in a lemon cream sauce garnished with fresh basil, and topped with juicy grilled chicken.

2. . First, whip up a spicy hoisin sauce made with soy sauce, Sriracha, and rice wine vinegar to marinate the chicken. Then, fill lettuce cups with grilled chicken, bean sprouts, cabbage, and all the fixings.

3. . This veggie pasta dish is full of broccoli, onion, carrots, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Coat the mixture with a homemade, white wine cream sauce.

4. . For a healthy addition to a comfort-food favorite, this recipe calls for butternut squash and onions to mix into a traditional baked mac and cheese. 

5. . This hearty soup will hit the spot and only takes 10 minutes of prep time. 

6. . For a flavorful dish with tropical seasonings, try your hand at this coconut curry shrimp dish and serve over basmati rice.

7. . For a dish that will last all week, bake up a batch of this traditional baked ziti filled with Italian sausage, ground beef, and ziti.

Head to Popsugar for more easy recipes from The Pioneer Woman.

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