10 Natural Supplements With Over 1000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

Updated 04/24/19

The vast world of nutritional supplements can be just a tad overwhelming. Between conflicting studies, the rise of a buzzy new superfood every other week, and all in all, the sheer volume of the market, how are we supposed to figure out which products can actually help our bodies and weed out the BS?

Of course, that's partially our job as beauty editors—but in addition to the great recommendations we get from experts and industry veterans, we still turn to the online community for stellar new finds. And when hundreds upon hundreds of Amazon reviewers give a product a detailed, glowing review, we figure it has to be pretty legit (with some additional cursory research, natch). 

With this in mind, we tracked down 10 supplements that each boast more than a thousand 4.5-star reviews on Amazon. Get your wallets ready…

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Capsules $21

Veggie-averse folks can get their daily greens via these certified organic capsules, which are fortified with probiotics and enzymes for optimal digestion. Bonus: If you're not a fan of swallowing pills, you can also purchase it in powder form. (Dump a scoop in your morning smoothie.)

Number of reviews: 8040

Sample reviews: 

"In the week since I've started this, I've noticed a boost in energy. I used to become so worn out I needed to nap every afternoon, which was I was NOT happy about, and my cousin recommended this. I have not napped once since starting Amazing Grass."

"A great way to get extra 'green' in your diet! I use this in smoothies and it really helps my hair, for some reason."

"I take this every single morning and can't do without it! It makes me feel good and I notice the difference if I miss for any reason. Highly recommend."

Doctor's Best CoQ10 Softgels $14

Every cell in your body uses the enzyme CoQ10 for energy, which is why a daily supplement is great for an additional boost. Preliminary studies also . These capsules are formulated with plant-based oils and black pepper for maximal absorption.

Number of reviews: 1541

Sample reviews: 

"I have noticed clear improvements in my alertness and physical strength since taking this supplement. I cycle about 200 miles a week, often at high intensity, and find that I am experiencing far less muscle fatigue on consecutive days than prior to taking this supplement."

"I can tell a huge difference in my energy level when I take it as described. It really aids in my quality of life."

Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega-3 Fish Oil $27

Omega-3 supplements are essentially happy pills—in addition to aiding with joint pain and beautifying skin and hair from the inside out, the fatty acids  These capsules in particular boast a high concentration, eliminating the need for multiple doses in a single day. Plus, reviewers like that it lacks the usual fishy aftertaste.

Number of reviews: 4004

Sample reviews: 

"This fish oil supplement turned out to be the best compared to others I tried in the past. It provided clarity of thought and increased energy. Even more noticeable was a decrease in mood swings that had plagued me for years."

"I take fish oil supplements to contribute to a healthy hormone balance and to keep my brain supplied with the healthy fats it needs to be awesome. These fish oil pills do that without a doubt."

"I immediately noticed a difference after taking this product. My brain is more clear throughout the day, I feel calm; my blood pressure went down significantly; I feel more energized."

Klamath Blue Green Algae Super Greens Formula $13

Algae is one of the unsung heroes of the superfood world, when in truth, it's positively packed with vitamins and nutrients like chlorophyll and calcium. Plus, it's one of the (very) few plant sources of vitamin B12. And because this variety has soft cell walls, it's especially easy for your body to absorb.

Number of reviews: 1267

Sample reviews:

"I have a fast paced lifestyle and don't always get to sit down for a healthy meal. These keep me feeling energetic, and dramatically reduced my migraines I was getting when working with little protein in my system."

"I love this product! I had been seeing my doctor for fatigue and exhaustion and could not figure out what was wrong. I decided to try this product to see if it helped with my energy levels. I didn't expect much, but within a week I was feeling much more energetic and had stopped napping during the day."

"I noticed a difference immediately. High energy levels, decrease in appetite, and improved mental clarity. This product is amazing. I'm currently on a vegan diet and purchased product to supplement protein and vitamin deficiency."

Davidson's Tea Matcha Green Powder $37

Matcha has long since become a household name in the superfood world, thanks to its high antioxidant content, non-jittery energy boost, and soft herbal flavor. But brewing up quality green tea lattes at home can get really expensive really quickly—which is why this 1-pound bag of pure, certified organic powder is such a steal. (Trust us—it'll .)

Number of reviews: 7153

Sample reviews:

"I have noticed a huge difference in the energy levels this gives me. I have completely stopped drinking coffee and switched to this. I have more energy, it goes down easier, I don't get that gross sweaty feeling that coffee gives me, and I just feel 'cleaner' overall."

"My favorite Matcha out there! I highly recommend it."


NatureWise CLA 1250 $21

Knock back these capsules to amp up your fitness goals: CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid, a natural fatty acid that has been . What makes this product particularly noteworthy is that while CLA is most often sourced from beef and dairy, NatureWise extracts it from non-GMO safflower oil in the name of sustainability. That's a win-win.

Number of reviews: 5244

Sample reviews: 

"CLA has helped me keep my weight in check, combined with a good diet and strength training. I have lost fat and gained lean muscle mass. I take 3 before my workout and 3 in the afternon combined with my other supplements. I highly recommend this brand!"

"In approximately 4 weeks I have lost 10 lbs, and I really haven't changed my diet or exercise routine. I am very pleased with this product. My energy level is much improved."

Naturo Sciences Green Food $19

You'd never know that this tasty powder consists of a rainbow of superfoods, including green tea, wheatgrass, açaí, goji, beet, rose hips, chlorella, and barley (just to name a few). It's also chock-full of fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, so it goes down easy without skimping on absorption.

Number of reviews: 1334

Sample reviews: 

"When I first opened the container and saw the greens super food powder I was a little nervous about how it may taste because I have had similar products that were very disappointing in the past. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I mixed the greens powder into my strawberry banana smoothie and it tasted so delicious!"

"I'm really surprised. I've been using various products like this over the years and expected this one to be similar. Wow, was I wrong, my energy level and general over-all feeling of well-being greatly increased."

"I love to mix a scoop into my morning juice or afternoon smoothie, it blends right in without any lumps...and the taste is divine! I feel really good starting my day out or getting that afternoon pick-me-up from it."

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica $33

Like other kinds of algae, spirulina contains a far higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients than you'd find in even your healthiest daily eats—which makes it a great addition to your morning smoothie. (Pro tip: Take a dose after a night out and feel your hangover disappear in minutes. LIFE CHANGING.)

Number of reviews: 1454

Sample reviews: 

"Love, love, love!!!! I appreciate the large size and great price on Amazon. A great way to add an extra boost of greens to the diet. It does have a smell but it does not transfer to the drink."

"I wanted something that I could add to my smoothies daily that would not only help detox but also act a multivitamin. I found this product to do just that."

Sports Research Biotin $15

Models, nutritionists, and beauty gurus alike swear by biotin for its ability to nourish hair to shampoo commercial status in a matter of weeks—and that's not even to mention the equally visible benefits for skin and hair. These capsules are also packed in non-GMO, cold-pressed coconut oil for an extra beautifying punch.

Number of reviews: 4158

Sample reviews: 

"I took biotin for my hair to get it to grow longer faster and as a bonus i hoped to get it a bit thicker... and it did just that. My hair grew about 2 inches in a little over a month."

"I am in love with this product! I have been using it for 3 months now and it has been working great. My eyelashes are longer!"

"Bought this to help boost my hair, skin and nails. I love it! I've used it for about a month and so far my hair has grown half an inch, my nails are harder and less breakable and my skin is clear!"

Viva Labs MCT Oil $19

 and we'll say it again (): If you're looking to banish belly fat, save your coconut oil for your skin and hair and reach for MCT oil instead. Medium-chain triglycerides are also extracted from coconuts; the difference is that they're digested differently, providing your body with a quick hit of energy and a metabolism boost.

Number of reviews: 1361

Sample reviews: 

"I mix it in my coffee every morning and feel a noticeable boost."

"I am enjoying this immensely! It is great for brain health. I have noticed it also helps with digestion."

, and tell uswhat's your go-to supplement?

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