We Want Everything in Zara Home's New "Vacation Home" Line—Shop Our Edit

Updated 06/07/18

Zara Home certainly knows how to capture a mood, and its recent is exhibit A. Replete with bright hues, textured dinnerware, and linen bedding, its new curation channels summertime in a way that recalls Luca Guadagnino's (just add greenery and fresh fruit). The Spanish retailer drew inspiration from "the blue of the sea, the yellow of the grass smoldering in the sun, and the bright green of the fruit-bearing trees" when designing the new collection. While we love the simple washed-linen bedding ($119) and the double-wall glass mugs ($20) from the new line, the entire curation succeeds in transporting you to midsummer somewhere in northern Italy.

Shop our favorites from Vacation Home below.

Zara Vacation Home line
Zara Home
Zara Home Washed Linen Duvet Cover $119
Zara Home Golden Iron Planter $119
Zara Home Faded Linen Quilt With Tassels $399
Zara Home Reversible Floral Print Quilt $299
Zara Home Faded Linen Quilt With Tassels $399
Zara Home Basket With Side Handle $15
Zara Home Linen Blanket $139
Zara Home Round Loop Stool $199
Zara Home Two-Tone Print Wool Blanket $139
Zara Home Linen Cushion Cover $19
Zara Home Watercolor Print Cushion $36
Zara Home Linen Cushion Cover $19
Zara Home Tray Side Table $119
Zara Home Vacation Home line summer 2018
Zara Home
Zara Home Colored Double-Wall Glass Mugs $20
Zara Home Wood Effect Cutlery $25
Zara Home Basic Linen Tablecloth $60
Zara Home Wooden Bowl $20
Zara Home Wooden Charger Plate $50
Zara Home Textured Wine Glass $8
Zara Home Textured Glass Jug $36
Zara Home Textured Glass Tumbler $6
Zara Home Stoneware Pitcher $36
Zara Home Three-Tone Wine Glass $15
Zara Home Raised Dot Jug $26
Zara Home Blue Earthenware Mug $15
Zara Home Blue Earthenware Soup Plate $18
Zara Home Blue Earthenware Dinner Plate $18
Zara Home Faded Linen Napkin Set of 4 $36

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