Female-Centric New Dating App Lets You Quiz Partners Before Chatting

It seems like every week I’m hearing about a new dating app, and this week’s premiere is . Sort of a cross between The Dating Game and The Bachelorette, the female-centric concept is creative and fun: You create a game in which you come up with three questions (or choose some from TheCatch’s database), swipe until you find six partners who interest you, and invite them to join. At this point, they have 24 hours to answer your questions, you rate their answers, and the top scorers are the ones you can move on to chat with.

The app launched in San Francisco and Los Angeles on Thursday and will debut in New York later this spring, and users are primarily aged 18 to 38. I love how it’s based on questions; it takes some of the pressure off the initial first contact, which is usual a boring “How’s your day/weekend/night going?” The Bachelor’s Chris Bukowski is one of TheCatch’s investors, so perhaps he is on the app?

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Are you interested in trying out The Catch?



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