The Foodie Lover's Gift Guide: 23 Presents to Impress the Gourmand in Your Life


Michael Graydon for March

Do you have a special someone in your life who loves to dine at or whip up recipes from ? Well, we consider that person , and that's why we have specifically created the foodie lover’s gift guide. You see, it takes a certain person to appreciate the finest apple butter or a whistling bird teapot—and we happen to love them for it. Truth be told, they are also some of the most discerning people we know, so we definitely need to aim to impress.

With the holidays nearing, we decided to round up everything from the coolest cooking gadgets to barware to even tabletop accessories. You'll totally surprise that person with an unexpected something they'll treasure (and, luckily, won’t have already). Scroll through to get a taste of all 23 items in our foodie lover’s gift guide—you may find yourself buying a second set for yourself.

Tell us: What do you think of the foodie lover’s gift guide? Be sure to let us know in the comments, then read about .

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