This is Happening: Neo Modern

There are trends that announce themselves with all the fanfare of a diplomat walking into a state dinner--your Shabby Chics and your Hollywood Regencies--and then there are the ones that sneak up on you, emerging from myriad influences like a mutant, evolving design strain. Neo Modern is just such a trend: mixing everything from midcentury elements to culty mysticism for a visual crescendo. Here, a field guide to this elusive new breed of interior. dh-this-is-happening-neo-modern-header-01
  Coin an air of mystery with things that feel like they were sourced from a Masonic Lodge. Jeremy Gesualdo's graphic image,, does this in spades. Fornasetti's  greets you with an all-seeing eye, and Lindsey Adelman's machined metal feels like something the villagers would take on a witch hunt--in the future. (L to R: $50, ,$240, ; $3000, ) dh-this-is-happening-neo-modern-header-02
  Why opt for either organic or industrial? Do them both at the same time for a warm effect with modernity built in. Rich Brilliant Willing mixes wood with metal in its solid ; Future Perfect's oak plays with opacity via glass silhouettes with cork and hardwood tops; and Konstantin Grcic offsets beech wood with slick matte lacquer in his adjustable . (L to R: $810, ; $228, ; $433, ) dh-this-is-happening-neo-modern-header-03
  The key to mastering this look is in embracing an extreme color palette. Benjamin Moore's rich paint offers instant sophistication, Ralph Lauren's oxblood-stained shade has a bit of stylish bordello about it, and Glidden's polished  hue proves you're willing to go all the way. (L to R: $51, ; $40, ; $27, ) dh-this-is-happening-neo-modern-header-04
  We're not talking about vintage reproductions; we're talking about vintage evolutions. IKEA's  feels like it was swiped from the set of the new Star Trek, Brave Space Design's  is an updated take on modular shelving, and Foscarini's, complete with a beak-like shade, picks up where Serge Mouille left off. (L to R: $500, ; $2975, ; $1103, ) dh-this-is-happening-neo-modern-header-05
  Abandon naturalistic forms in favor of a geometric revolution. Bend's multipurpose  is a buoyant, string-art-with-wire furniture breakthrough; CB2's brass-plated  adds kinetic energy to the room; and Trina Turk's linen  capitalizes on its faceted design with subtle sheen. (L to R: $425,; $35,; $135,)   Photographs: 1. Courtesy 2. Courtesy 3. Courtesy 4.5. Courtesy 6. Courtesy 7.  Courtesy 8. Courtesy 9. Courtesy   10. Courtesy 11. Courtesy 12. 13. Courtesy 14. l 15.Courtesy 16. Courtesy 17. Courtesy 18. Courtesy Alexander Burr 19-21. 22. Courtesy 23.Courtesy 24. Courtesy 25.Courtesy

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