This Is Happening: The New Southwest

We know you saw this coming. Whether its the renaissance of , and the heritage brand's assortment of Native American prints, or the proliferation of handcrafted wall hangings on every on-the-cusp boutique wall, or the shelter mags' embrace of LA design firm --the masterminds behind Palm Springs' Ace Hotel--its abundantly clear that all things southwest-inspired are having a moment. But what separates this second coming from the original? The art is in the exclusion: rather than terracotta everything (with a howling coyote throw pillow), the New Southwest incorporates updated iconography, and statement pieces in moderation--making it the easiest trend to adopt this side of the border. Read on for our cheat sheet on how to nail this look. dh-this-is-happening-southwest-titles-01
Capel Woven Spirits Rug, from $445,  Konya Kilm, $900, Pink Flamingo Rug, from $120,
It's all about embracing twists on time-honored textile motifs: the Capel Woven Spirits area offers a macro Navajo-inspired view, Lulu & Georgia's Pink Flamingo pairs an expanded zig-zag with a peach, mint and midnight palette, and Furbish's Aztec-influence print has a color-way plucked from M.I.A's tour wardrobe. dh-this-is-happening-southwest-titles-02
Southwest Contemporary Sham, $108,  Wooden Bowls, $16, Magical Thinking Tent Stripe Duvet Cover, $89,
When in doubt about whether something's "now," just add day-glow. Urban Outfitters' Magical Thinking Tent Stripe abides by the contemporary-twist-on-the-authentic-rule and wins bonus points for its hot-pink base color, as does Pendleton's , which renders the Native American sacred cross in raver yellow. And Wind & Willow Home's neon-dipped wood bowls take a tried-and-true classic for a highlight-shaded dip. dh-this-is-happening-southwest-titles-03
 Cylinder Stool, $1550, Palomino Chair, price on request,   Edge Bed, $4195, 
Of equal importance to seeking out spotlight-stealing accents, is creating a backdrop for them to shine. Do this by favoring furniture with clean lines, like Alma Allen's cylindrical Black Walnut . Also worth noting: Environment's , a pristine rustic platform design with ebony-stained Mahogany inlays, and Andrew Mau's angular , which nods to traditional southwest materials with its stretched cowhide upholstery. dh-this-is-happening-southwest-titles-04
 Arrows, $95, Custom Wall Panels, from $225, Wall Hangings, from $360,
Dreamcatchers and flowers in cow skulls will do the trick (if you're going there, we advise one, not both), but less-literal nods to this theme go a long way too: Justine Ashbee's one-off loom-woven Native Line pay tribute to indigenous craft in shimmering gold-plated wire, bamboo fibers, and vintage metallic threads. Fredericks & Mae's thread wrapped turkey, peacock and macaw-feathered make for a stunning art installation, and Brooklyn To West's gorgeous custom wood present age-old patterns in an unexpectedly rustic and textured medium. dh-this-is-happening-southwest-titles-05
 Cult Pots, from $30,  Vertical Garden Kit, from $79,  Pill Terrarium, $145,
Don't forget your desert rose: the scene is incomplete without a bit of arid landscaping, and succulents are a low-maintenance, full-proof answer with myriad display possibilities. Flora Grubb Gardens' vertical garden D.I.Y. delivers jaw-droppingly verdant results for your outdoor space. West Elm's self-watering sneak a touch of terracotta into the scene--and are brilliantly designed so that your cacti drink as-needed--and a well-placed terrarium such as Chive's design marries modernity with scientific flair. Photographs: 1. 2. Courtesy  3.Courtesy 4.Courtesy 5.Courtesy  6-7. 8. Courtesy  9. Courtesy  10. Courtesy  11.Courtesy  12.Courtesy  13-14.Courtesy  14. Courtesy  15.  16. 17.Courtesy 18.Courtesy  19. Courtesy 20.Courtesy  21. Courtesy  22.Courtesy  23.Courtesy  24. Courtesy