Tie-Dye DIY to Try: Indigo Shibori Cloth


The term shibori refers to many different ways of dying cloth in ancient Japanese tradition, but the term has recently become a trendy way to describe any indigo-dyed cloth. On bedspreads, napkins, and more, the distinct dyed motif has become a favorite of a number of decorators we love. It's also the perfect DIY, as the results are just as good as those you would find in the far east. , one of our favorite cheeky DIY blog, has revived an guide to shibori originally posted four years ago, when their site first launched, a testament to how this trend will never fade.

shibori13 shibori19

Here is what you will need: , natural fiber cloth (cotton, linen, wool), five gallon buckets (two), rubber gloves, small wood squares, rubber bands, twine, a PVC pipe, a long wooden stick, a drop cloth, scissors.


For the full tutorial head over to .


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