Top 10: Tea Towels

A PERFECT SETTING South African illustrator and designer Heather Moore is behind this slubby cotton screen-printed Everyone Came to Tea Towel, which feels like a Scandinavian nod to the Mad Hatter. $22, 
ENDLESS LOVE Forever isn't usually the message you want to associate with drying dishes, but Pine Cone Hill's infinity-symbol-emblazoned cotton tea towel set has enough charm to transform this chore into a treat. $38,
JUICY FRUIT If the Pop Art pear on Crate & Barrel's irrepressibly cheery dishcloth doesn't immediately grab you, the fact that it's printed on an absorbent "sponge-cloth" material that decomposes naturally in 24 weeks will. $5, 
COUNTRY LIFE Designed in Tokyo by Fog Linen founder Yumiko Sekine, and produced in Lithania, these finely textured linen towels have a Provencal vibe that begs to be introduced to your farmtable. $18,
ALPHABET CITY Husband-and-wife team Lucas and Hayley Lepola of London-based The Calm Gallery created this clever, organic cotton 'T' Towel, which they point out, with trademark British wit, has merits beyond the obvious visual pun: especially "if your name is Thomas, Tiffany or Trevor." $14, 
BLUE NOTE Screen-printed in England's Cotswolds by Swedish-born designer Marie Jangneus-Davis, these eco-friendly and biodegradable printed towels have an incredibly appealing woodblock-feeling simplicity. $14 for set of 6, 
LOG IN Flock Home's wood grain-patterned flax linen towels are a hand-printed postmodern take on all things rustic. $19,
ANOTHER ANGLE We're longtime fans of San Francisco artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon: her Herringbone Tea Towel for Poketo features a trademark mix of irresistable geometric patterns rendered in an unexpected palette. $20,
DRAWING ROOM The friendly sketched whisk motif featured on Williams Sonoma's towel set feels ripe for the Pixar animated treatment. $20, 
FRINGE BENEFITS This cotton vegetable-dyed Turkish hand towel is woven on a hand-loom and instantly ups your kitchen's breezy island Mediterranean flavor. $6,