It's Here: The 2018 MyDomaine Under-$200 Gift Guide


Viviana Duron

Depending on your personality, the lead-up to the holidays can be one of two things: a time to carefully plan and curate  or a mad, last-minute rush to find an .

While we'd like to think we fall into the former category, the reality of the holiday season often means that last-minute gift shopping is inevitable. After all, when you factor in work deadlines, , end-of-year parties, and other festivities, a few gifts are bound to get left to the last minute.

To prevent the week-before rush, we asked MyDomaine's team of editors to share their top present picks for friends, family, and colleagues—and a few items we're coveting for ourselves. We've come across countless great gadgets, gorgeous décor, and smart accessories in 2018, and these are the best under-$200 buys. We'll see you at checkout.