8 Trending Vacation Destinations to Book in 2019 (Before Everyone Else Does)


Now that we're in the throes of inclement winter weather, naturally we're dreaming of escaping to . Given that you're reading this article, it's safe to assume that you're also suffering from a bout of chill-induced wanderlust. Although peak travel season is still months away, it's never too early to start planning your next vacation, right?

For expert advice on where to book our first trip of 2019, we tapped Bailey Freeman, the South America and Antarctica destination editor at , for recommendations. As anticipated, the professional traveler did not disappoint. From the otherworldly deserts of  and the crystal clear waters of Brazil to the towering skyscrapers of Tokyo and the graffiti-strewn streets of , these are the eight destinations she recommends flocking to in 2019 (before everyone else does).