The Scary Truth You Might Not Know About Candles

We hate to be the cause of a bad breakup, but taking a closer look at the toxicity of many candles on the market forced us to call it quits with most of our favorite former flames. 

You wouldn't voluntarily inhale chemicals or pollute your indoor air with toxins, so allow us to spare you before you get burned. Candles are commonly made with paraffin wax, which emits off highly toxic benzene and toluene—known carcinogens—when burned. More bad news? These are the same type of toxins found in diesel fuel fumes. The wax isn't the only thing you need to watch out for, as many scented candles are also crafted with wicks that contain heavy metals like lead, which pollute your surroundings and are obviously hazardous to your health. The scent isn't so sweet anymore, is it?

Fortunately, you don't have to give up the luxury of lighting up altogether; instead look for clean, nontoxic (soy or beeswax) candles with cotton wicks. It's also important to find candles with scents derived from essential oils to avoid toxic ingredients often hidden as "fragrance."

Clean up your candle collection and shop few of our favorite alternatives below.

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