7 Bad Work Habits That Are Making You Look Unprofessional



It seems like everyone has something to say about how . They're addicted to their smartphones, they're , and they (albeit ). For the record, as a millennial, I think generalizing an entire generation can get you into murky waters. But according to this article, author Bill Murphy Jr. believes we have a few bad habits that are making us look unprofessional at work. Murray spoke with hundreds of business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs of all generations to find out how they thought millennials are doing at work.

After examining their words, phrases, and speaking habits, he discovered 17 reoccurring themes. While some of them could be attributed to just being young (we can all relate to being overly certain or acting too cool to care in our 20s), other findings are surprising. If you fall into the millennial age group, take note of these bad habits and make the steps to break them. Or you could also take them with a grain of salt too.