The Secret to Making Vegan Cuisine That Carnivores Will Love

For most of my culinary career, I believed that vegan food was boring and I avoided it at all costs. How could a meal that is devoid of cheese, milk, shrimp or pork be delicious?! I would embrace vegetarian cooking, but not entirely vegan. However, when health issues forced my family to change the way we ate, I had to start cooking vegan. It wasn’t easy. I struggled tremendously and although I’ve been cooking plant-based meals for a couple of years now, I only recently became one with vegan cuisine. It was like something in my head clicked and I finally realized how to get my meatball-loving father—and the rest of my carnivore family members—to enjoy vegan food. Wondering how you can do the same? Here’s the secret to making vegan food that diehard bacon eaters will love.

Do you cook vegan? What are your secrets?