12 Warm Places to Visit in December to Break Up Your Cabin Fever

Snow has barely begun to fall in the northern parts of the country, and I am already over it. With the cold weather come shorter days and darkness thanks to the time change, which can make the entire season feel bleak—seasonal affective disorder is very real. But you don’t have to suffer; seize an opportunity to escape to a sunny destination in order to shake off your cabin fever.

Tropical vacations are always in demand no matter the time of year. Island nations, in particular, have a longer tourist season. Should you plan your trip in the dead of winter, everything below the equator will be at the height of summer, which widens your travel options. Obvious destinations for a seasonal switch include Brazil and Australia, with a variety of choices in between. There are of course many sunny domestic locations that would give you just the right dose of vitamin D in December, too, from Texas to California.

Wherever you go to forget the snow, be sure to bring sunscreen; there are fewer fates crueler than enduring a painful sunburn in your quest for more sunshine. Protect your skin as you let go of the rest of your winter worries at any of these warm places to visit in December.

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