7 Trends Interior Designers Are Ditching Come October


Amy Bartlam

This is borderline blasphemous, but we have to admit it: We're ready to transition our homes for fall. Don't get us wrong, we love the sunny shades and  that come with summer, but we're ready to fully embrace the cozy textiles and  that mark the beginning of fall. Naturally, the major home décor authorities have stocked their shelves with the season's latest offerings, which begs the question: What items are those  adding to their shopping carts now that fall is upon us?

To find out, we tapped seven  for insider insight into the and the trends to skip this October. With thoughts on everything from the cozy throws that'll make any space more inviting to the best paint colors for fall, there's plenty of inspiration for embracing the season's most coveted trends, big and small, ahead. Keep scrolling to discover exactly which trends the pros are buying into this fall (and which they're holding off on).