The Shocking Housekeeping Rule You Need to Know

Ick! Thanks to a recent piece from , we've learned that to control dust mite and critter populations from taking up residence in your bed, you should be replacing your sleeping pillows every six months. Not only can dirt, oil, and dead skin cells make their way into your pillow's soft insert where they will reside until the pillow is replaced (gross), but microscopic mites are finding a friendly home in there as well, potentially causing serious health issues. According to the experts consulted by Huff Post Home, many people suffer from allergies as a result of their pillow's dust mite residents, which can be particularly bothersome and iritating in the mornings.

Read the entire — somewhat disturbing — article at , and if you can't remember the last time you bought a new pillow, get to a Bed Bath & Beyond — stat!