5 Designers Share Their Biggest White Kitchen Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

So you’ve decided on an . We salute you. In theory, the monochromatic kitchen is an aesthetic dream come true and when done right, it can be a refreshing pause within the heart of a home. When done wrong, however, it can feel akin to the cafeteria of a hospital—sterile and lifeless. 

To avoid that barren pitfall, there are a few things to consider first before you whip out your paintbrush and call your contractor. Questions to ask yourself are, what kind of light filters into the room? And is it natural, overheard, cool, or warm? Will your dish-ware and appliances compliment this drastic update? This will play a huge part in deciding which white hue you settle on. 

So, how does one go about achieving that MyDomaine approved set-up without making some common rookie mistakes? Well, we hit the metaphorical streets to shake down the industries leading designers to find out. Now you can rest easy knowing you won’t be paying the big bucks for that Pinterest-worthy kitchen without knowing some of the do’s and don’ts first.