9 Healthy Winter Salads to Make When Your Instant Pot Could Use a Break


Half Baked Harvest

We've waxed on about the Instant Pot for months now—its ability to whip up at the press of a button, to make taste like it's been simmering for hours, and to turn canned crushed tomatoes into a . That said, every winter, there reaches a point when we've had our fill of starchy comfort foods and feel the urge to shelve the convenient kitchen appliance in the pursuit of meals that aren't so heavy. Enter winter salads.

Although spring is still months away (and we're impatiently awaiting the return of radishes, peas, and asparagus), there's still plenty seasonal winter fruits and veggies just begging to be drenched in delicious salad dressing available in the produce aisle. Spanning a pomegranate avocado salad with candied walnuts to a sweet potato noodle salad with creamy chipotle miso sauce, the winter salad recipes below are so delicious that they might just inspire you to unplug your slow cookers, crockpots, and yes, your Instant Pots, too.