More and More Women Are Losing Career Ambitions After College

When many women are in high school and college, they feel as if they can conquer the world and do anything. However, is reporting that after just two years in the workforce, these same women begin to lose confidence and, with it, their aspiration. The article tells the story of Ashley Maria, a filmmaker whose “promising, successful (even prestigious) career was being chipped away by off-handed comments and systemic bias.” Since “she was losing her pioneering attitude toward her work and career,” Maria decided to make a documentary casts a light on the subject. The film, , examines what happens to females as they enter the workspace and lose sight of their dreams. The article does not present a solution to the issue, but it’s a very interesting topic and one that makes me think, What happened to me? When I was in college, I was certain I was going to write novels. Although I have many ideas, in the 12 years since graduation, I’ve lost the courage to sit down and write one.

Learn more about how the professional world affects a female’s confidence by reading the book .

Have you lost confidence in your goals since you started working?

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