These New Working Mom Emoji Are Scary Accurate

Dissatisfied with the somewhat narrow perception of women and girls depicted in Apple’s current emoji set, decided to take matters into their own hands. Considering that these emoji were designed by working moms for working moms, it’s safe to say that most of them are scarily accurate. 

“While the emoji keyboard has us covered when there’s something to celebrate, commiserate, or do a cheeky hair-flip about, there are some working-mother occasions that cry out for new symbols,”  of the custom-designed working-mom emoji set.

We couldn’t agree more. Although  in the way women and girls are portrayed in the emoji-sphere, the plight of the working mother is unique (not to mention stressful) and entirely deserving of its own set.

Browse Working Mother’s proposed set of working-mom emoji below.

What would you add to this working-mom set? Share your suggestions with us, and then make your phone look as cute as these emoji .

Opening Image: The Grace Tales

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