If You Sit All Day, You Need This Yoga Flow in Your Life

We know movement should be a part of everyday life, but for the , that's far from the norm. While it's not always possible to change our daily office routine, there are ways to combat the negative effects of sitting hunched at a computer for hours on end.

According to Sarah Levey, co-founder of  and c-author of , yoga is a great antidote to this modern predicament. "The majority of asana in yoga are standing postures and overall work to regain proper alignment," she says. "It's definitely effective but not the only thing we should be doing to support our backs." It's certainly worth noting yoga won't cure lower back pain—it's simply a good way to help with alignment and improve posture. 

If you're struggling with back pain, she warns that there are some poses that might exacerbate the issue. "Any postures that require a lot of mobility in the lower back, such as the full wheel, locust, and full heroes pose [should be avoided]." 

If you sit at a desk all day, Levey recommends following a warm-up sequence to improve strength and alignment and encourage you to decompress from a sedentary day. Here's how it's done: